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It was one of the happiest days in the school when the Dettol promotion group visited. We had eagerly waited for them the entire morning. We did not know what they had prepared for us. They started by telling us where we could find germs, they mentioned of toilets, dustbins, playground, classroom, on our skins when we are itching. They also said that germs are found everywhere. They also sang a song that everybody enjoyed; it was about the steps of washing our hands.  They taught us while entertaining us at the same time.
They said that hands must be washed properly with soap and water and rinsed well. The Dettol man said that attention should be paid to areas between the fingers, nails and the back of the hand, which we sometimes forget.
They told us when eating we should avoid scratching or touching the nose, ear, mouth and any other body part.  They observed that the important times of hand washing would be before eating, after eating, after visiting the toilet and after changing the baby’s nappies and other activities.
The visit and the other hand washing teachings we have had from Wasil have changed our hand washing behaviours, just before lunch time you will see the preschool children lined up washing their hands before they take their food. The same applies to all the pupils, we have soap in out toilet which we wash our hands in after visiting the toilet. Good healths really start by washing hands.
Virginia Mbula Class 8

The Brother.Beausang Science department offers three core subjects namely Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The three subjects are taught within the Kenyan 8.4.4 syllabus which prepares the students to sit for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E.) exams set by the Kenya National Examination Council (K.N.E.C.).Our science teachers are highly dedicated in their fields of specialization. Over the years a good number of our students attained excellent results in these subjects qualifying to take science oriented courses both in the university and tertiary colleges. Our lessons incorporate both theory and practical learning and teaching activities. Our science laboratory is equipped with the necessary facilities for learning. God bless our sponsors for their contribution.
We as teachers are aware that science and technology plays an important role in the realization of the Kenyan dream-vision 2030.In this regard the department is actively involved in academic activities such as the Kenya Science and Engineering Fair. (KSEF).In collaboration with the I.T. Department and the Mathematics Department we prepare students to come up with science and mathematics projects (exhibits and talks). Our vision is to develop a passion of research among the young scientists and with a mission to encourage young scientists to appreciate their environment as they offer solutions to contemporary problems in society. This gives an opportunity to our students to make their contribution towards the actualization of the Kenyan vision 2030.In the past our students have done exemplarily well in these science contests, going up to the county and regional KSEF.We are working hard to take our projects not only to the national level but also to the International Science and Engineering Fair (I.S.E.F) platforms.
We continue to encourage the students to be involved in science which is the future of this world.

Mr. Charles N. Kilundo.