Our Mission

sample imageMission

Brother Beausang Catholic Education Centre is an inclusive Catholic day school, faithful to the vision of Edmund Rice, serving the needs of young men and women from Embulbul and surrounding areas.

We welcome students of all tribes, cultures and religions from neighbouring communities, especially those who might not otherwise be able to access secondary education due to personal circumstances. Because of this we aim to keep our fees as low as possible, and actively seek sponsorships.

We engage the hearts and minds of young men and women. At the heart of the Centre is the belief that good teaching and learning can empower the individual to strive for excellence in all aspects of his or her life. Therefore we strive to offer the best education possible for our students.

We aim to ensure that students with special needs will be provided with appropriate educational opportunity, in partnership with families so that students can develop their skills and be prepared to accept the challenge of meaningful participation in society.

We strive to live justly in all our activities in a spirit of compassion and understanding. We seek to live in right relationship with God, ourselves, our neighbor and indeed with all of creation.

Schools conducted in the Edmund Rice tradition offer a distinctive Catholic educational philosophy. Vision and Mission Statements give expression to the distinctiveness of the educational ministry as it serves the mission of the Church in today’s world.

There is no single component of the vision, mission and practice of a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition that determines its distinctiveness. The vision and mission have their heart in the mission and ministry of Jesus, the Catholic Church and the charism of Edmund.

The town of Embulbul is situated just outside greater Nairobi, one degree south of the equator, at an altitude of 5500 ft. Fr Kevin McGarry was Parish Priest in Embulul for 8 years and during this time he accomplished an extraordinary transformation. He built a series of fine buildings - Counselling Centre, Dispensary, Presbytery, Convent and Church. He also commenced an education program.  

sample imageHolistic Education

Integrated development occurs through quality teaching and learning.

sample imageSpirituality

Each person’s story is unique and sacred.

sample imageFaith in Action

    Each person is called to respond out of a personal relationship with God.

sample imageCommunity

A school forms a distinctive community.

sample imagePastoral Care

The dignity of each person as a child of God is at the heart of pastoral care.

sample imageService of Others

Service of others is integral to being a follower of Jesus.

sample imageBeing Just

Justice is integral to the vision of the Kingdom.

sample imageAt the Margins

Edmund Rice, following Jesus, sought out the marginalized.

sample imageCompassion

Compassion is central to the life and teaching of Jesus and to the spirituality of Edmund.

sample imageStewardship

God’s gifts are to be shared justly and used wisely, as exemplified by Edmund.

sample imageReflective Practice

Reflective practice leads to personal and communal growth.